Saturday, July 18, 2009

This morning I was flipping through magazines and I found some beautiful finds. These were my top 5. (not in order)

1.CHARLOTTE BAG BY PAUL Boutique~ $85.00
~ I saw this Paul B. handbag in the June/July issue of teen vogue and wanted it instantly. It screams preppy but it also shows a sense of sophistication

2. Aqualumiere gloss high shine sheer concentrate~ $ 27.00
~ I think at first i was attracted to the color.. but then i realized it was Chanel and that made me loved it even more =)
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3.  Coach flower necklace~ $248
~ I love these necklaces and I'm so glad they are in! It says "its definitely spring" but its also fancy because of the major bling!

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4. Vera Wang Princess Perfume~ 1 oz $45.00
~ Not only did i already love Vera Wang, this perfume smells amazing! like flowers and well, spring =)

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5. Fergalicious black pumps~ $54.99

~ I got these a few days ago.. and i have worn them every day since =P



With love~ Jen

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