Monday, August 17, 2009

Power of the Penny Loafers??

I think with these you either love them or think they are
a disgrace to the fashion world. Haha and im not sure
where i stand. At first i was on the disgrace side but a few days ago i saw a pink pair in a store and thought they were cute and actually considered buying them. Tell me what you think? Disgrace or Love??

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its how you wear it.

The thought hit me in the strangest of places. Kamloops BC. We were driving to visit family when I saw a man and his daughter walking on the other side of the road. He was wearing a rainbow tie-dye shirt and rainbow swim shorts with black sandals. I examined him closely noticing that he was looking happy as can be. How can one be so happy when looking like that? I thought to myself. If someone at vogue saw a person wearing all rainbow with a mix of tie-dye they would probably run away screaming. Maybe the moral of this story is self confidence? If you think you look good, your confidence will reflect and others will notice and not focus to much on what your wearing (even if it happens to be rainbow tye-dye gone crazy). I asked my friend what she thought and she replied with “maybe the guy has never read a fashion, or seen anyone else with good style, so he doesn’t know?” Then it came to me. I had realized the way fashion magazines have a way of luring people into the “good/ better” way of dressing instead of focusing on ones wants. The magazines are displaying that if you wear these clothes you will be happy. Even though that could possibly be very true, it seems the moral is you can be wearing anything from Louis vuitton to tie-dye, all that matters is its not what you wear, its how you wear it.
~ Jennifer 
This morning I was flipping through magazines and I found some beautiful finds. These were my top 5. (not in order)

1.CHARLOTTE BAG BY PAUL Boutique~ $85.00
~ I saw this Paul B. handbag in the June/July issue of teen vogue and wanted it instantly. It screams preppy but it also shows a sense of sophistication

2. Aqualumiere gloss high shine sheer concentrate~ $ 27.00
~ I think at first i was attracted to the color.. but then i realized it was Chanel and that made me loved it even more =)
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3.  Coach flower necklace~ $248
~ I love these necklaces and I'm so glad they are in! It says "its definitely spring" but its also fancy because of the major bling!

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4. Vera Wang Princess Perfume~ 1 oz $45.00
~ Not only did i already love Vera Wang, this perfume smells amazing! like flowers and well, spring =)

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5. Fergalicious black pumps~ $54.99

~ I got these a few days ago.. and i have worn them every day since =P



With love~ Jen


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